Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 3 - Hip Hop Abs - Ab Sculpt 1

I am a lump.

Such a lump.

I'm not that big of a lump, I just have higher expectations than my potato body does...

Ab Sculpt 1 mixes cardio with pilates...which sounds somewhat easy (a comfy yoga mat is involved in the last half). It lies.

I was going strong til the 3rd straight minute of leg lifts when Shaun T went into double time with 8 lifts on each leg! I am realistic so I can admit to you that I did not do it all...I took breaks so I would be able to move for the rest of the DVD. Leg lifts have always sucked major ass for me.

But I did make it, albeit wobbly and modified with breaks...but for day 3 I made it!

Drinking my Shakeology now (I cost 130 dollars for a bag!) and then my ritual of body brushing and actually showering as I is naaaaasty....


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