Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Wow! Your political status changed my views completely!" Said no Facebook user EVER

So...if some Canadian hired me I would give up my citizenship in 4 seconds if only for an end to the asinine political crap. People I know that are Canadian always say to me "Oh my God I love reading up on American political races - it's insane! Our shit is so boring!" Wanna trade?!

 I am SO FUCKING TIRED of hearing 47%, Obamacare, Romney, Tea Party (this excludes any event where I can wear a hat and drink tea out of a little tiny cup), etc... There was a time I cared - I cared SO MUCH that I actually cried during Hillary Clinton's DNC speech back when she was running, I handed out absentee ballots, lectured my friends on voting, and studied Women's Suffrage history. But now I refuse to vote. I just refuse. And I have my reasons and I think they're more intelligent than my throwing away my vote on a man whom I don't care for.

#1 "Obama is the reason my 25 year old can't get a job!" 

-- I am pretty sure I never used Barack as my reference and that he went on to slam me to a museum. I'm also pretty sure when an older friend of mine applied for her college professor jobs during Bush he didn't tell people to refuse her. You know why I don't have a job? I have a choppy resume, I am in a field that never has had much money, and I suck at cover letters. Teachers/Museum people like myself/actors/massage therapists....we've all had troubles. My one friend got a job in accounting pretty damn soon after graduating, another friend worked her way up the Verizon Wireless chain, several friends are now computer depends on what is in demand. A lot of people would major in Social Studies teaching or History with the idea of Historian professions...but they had no luck so they went off to museums. 

I refuse to blame the government for my choices. I could have studied my ass off and become a pharmacist or manager or astronaut! So many people told me to get out of the Humanities and I didn't listen because I didn't want anything else. Eventually I will get there, but in the meantime I am looking at less glamorous jobs that are in demand because financial security is a big deal!

#2 "If it weren't for the government your student loan debt wouldn't be 71,000!!!"

--I was lazy and didn't apply for any scholarships. That was all my fault. My child will not be as stupid.

#3 "Obama destroyed America!" "Bush destroyed America!" "Mitt Romney will destroy America!" "Obama will save America!" "Romney will save America!"

--You are a MORON if you think anything can happen in 4 or 8 years. I'm sorry. But when you platform and go rallying you are pandering. I don't care if you're Democrat, Republican, Moderate, Socialist, Communist, Libertarian - you will promise the world and not deliver. Once you take oath you will learn secrets, lies, and shit that you would NEVER have thought of and that's why you can't do all you promised.

#4 "Your generation is pathetic and stupid. You vote for American Idol but not for politics"

--Gross generalization. I have many 25 year old friends who are belligerent assholes into politics (yes both Democrat and Republican). You wanna know why people my age are more likely to vote for reality tv? Because their vote TRULY counts. Yes you can vote 12 times, but at the end if Jessica got 50,000 votes and Tom got 100,000 Tom is gonna move on. In the USA we know that NY will vote Democrat, Texas will vote Republican and so on...Popular vote doesn't matter. Case in point: Al Gore won the popular vote, but lost the electoral. Pissed off a lot of people...

#5 "Popular vote will never work because then the candidates will only rally in big states"

--It's called a code of conduct. Who says we can't make rules? No mudslinging, and each state needs to be campaigned in. No exceptions. If we can invent Super Delegates we can make it so candidates can't work the system when campaigning.

#5 "I'm glad you're not voting because then that's one less commie Democrat vote!"

--Yes I am a registered Democrat. I don't know why....I think it's because I love SEX AND ABORTIONS AND GAY SEXXXX (Sorry Andrew :-) I looove you). But seriously. I am gonna tell you something - when we had an in school fake election I actually voted for Bush. Yup. Didn't vote for Gore. Did I like Bush as president? Eh...not really. But I did like that he signed a bill saying part time college cancer patients won't lose their insurance and I liked that when he heard about 9/11 he remained calm as to not upset children. Do I agree with his stances on everything? Absolutely not. I don't like Romney and I don't like Obama (Pro Hillary...but that's another story). 

When the founders of this country got together they were against tyranny, supreme rulers, and wanted religious freedom. Well what do we have? Several political parties and yet only 2 will ever get to be president. Democrat is far left and Republican is far right in this arena - wanna talk about dangerous extremes? And what about the others? They don't even get TV time to talk about their platforms, like Ron Paul. A Republican will stack the deck and a Democrat will stack the deck - that isn't fair and it IS a tyranny of sorts.

I also don't like it when people use religion as a platform. Fucking separation of church and state is LOOOONG gone, my friends. If you were to say "Well I don't support this because of my racist upbringing" people would flip the shit out. But to say its because of your Christian faith is kosher (ha ha...Jewish word for a Christian example. I'm so cool). 

#6 This is just my own personal peeve. This whole marriage thing. Guess what. To say marriage is a religious term is BULL SHIT. That would mean that when I walk into a Jewish deli and they offer a military spouse discount they would have to say " aren't married. Only Jewish marriage counts here." Marriage is a contract. Was even made out to be in Old Testament literature. You signed a contract with a woman's father and got her in a trade. And there was a time when black people couldn't marry - hate to break it to you, but that is NO DIFFERENT THAN GAY PEOPLE. Black's were considered less than human and were prevented from legal rights in their marriages all because of heritage and skin color. A black man and a black woman could not legally marry - well that's a man a woman! So how can marriage be defined as 1 man 1 woman?!?! It is religious fundamentalism and hatred.

So no. I probably won't vote. I don't like either candidate and I am not throwing away my vote on a party that sadly won't ever be considered. Sorry Stanton...