Wednesday, December 12, 2012


There's a big divide when it comes to commitment and romantic relationships. No this is a sexism rant. it's an observation I've made among the dating and married world. It probably goes without saying that marriage is a bigger deal than relationships, but I don't understand why. Both events involve 2 people who care about the other and can both involve feelings of romantic love. The difference comes in legality. Yes a commitment to a marriage is legally recognized, but what about states who recognize common law marriage? That's pretty much just "dating" with intent. 

The point of this is I don't understand why in the dating world it's ok for people to date many people, but if I were to marry three times I have a social stigma. This goes equally I think for both men and women. Now I am not talking about sex - we all know there are views and stigmas associated with sexual partners depending if you're a man a woman. In high school you think of the popular kids and you envy them for all the dates they go on and how every man/woman fawns over them; at least I did. When your friend breaks up with someone you don't judge them (granted if you were dumped your friends may say the dumper was a horrible person), but you are not blamed. Friends will tell you it was best or they understood and it's ok to fall out of love. But if I were to get married and divorce my husband or vice versa and it was no fault there would be a stigma for both of us - the one who does it has commitment issues or is cruel and the one who gets the shaft now has people wonder who don't know them "What made him or her divorce them..."

Why is it acceptable for me to date 10 guys before marriage, but bad if I fall out of love in a marriage? Because I made a vow? Didn't I make an oral vow in dating not to cheat or whatever? That I would always be into them? I guess people think its acceptable to date a lot because you're "immature" and marriage means you're "mature" - like dating is practice for marriage. Well I don't like that. I think it takes a lot more courage to say in a marriage you're done than in a dating relationship - it's easier to walk away from dating. If people are sincere that we are allowed to fall out of love and make mistakes then that should go across the board. I think it's more mature to date 60 guys knowing u aren't ready for marriage than to marry 1 and worry about any lingering doubt.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Hunger Games trilogy was AMAZING

Long after every person in the world read The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay I entered into the arena (heh heh). As a rule I avoid book fads (especially when they become a movie franchise) because I get so bombarded with "Omg you have to read this!" "Omg this movie sucked!" "Omg I hate movie people"  that I turn off my ears and pretend you don't exist. The exception was Twilight - I had no finals left for 2 weeks and I had no excuse not to read them (I was all packed, my goodbyes were said for the year, I had all my meetings). They were a quick read (albeit poorly written for an older "young adult" audience), but fun. And the movies were cool because it gave me something to look forward to and I will always heart RPatz (Cedric Diggory anyone??).

With Harry Potter I literally had no interest in the subject matter - a boy wizard who fights evil and whatnot. Yuck. To an eleven year old (the PERFECT age to start I might add) girl who was reading Judy Blume and fairy tales about romance and princesses it was not a priority. I did read the first book, but lost interest sadly. I did see the movies and enjoyed them immensely and maybe someday I will read those books. I definitely will make them available to my kids because Harry's bravery, Hermoine's intelligence, and Ron's reminder of human flaws are all good characteristics for a kid to have in their role models. Which bring me to....THE BEST BOOKS EVERRR

So I had no desire to read these from the start. It was very post apocalyptic Lord of the Flies and I had no interest in that genre. Also as a rule I don't read books. Books never seem to hold my interest and I end up making it a job - I will HAVE to read 5 chapters a day or finish in a month or whatever. Not fun. But being unemployed and taking classes and spending too much time on Web 2.0 I found myself waiting for class to start at the library and looking at the book - I literally had NO excuse not to fill up my time with it. I read the first book in 1 day, the second in a week, and the third in 2 days. Suzanne Collins is such an amazing writer - she is extremely descriptive and her characters all are well developed so you want to have a relationship with them and feel pain and get angry at them. My biggest "yay!" moment was seeing that Katniss Everdeen wasn't a 

Mary-Sue, Urban Dictionary:

A female character who is so perfect that she is annoying. The name originated in a very short Star Trek story that mocked the sort of female characters who showed up in fanfiction. It usually refers to original female characters put into fanfiction, but can refer to any character. 
Mary-Sues are characters who are usually extraordinarily gorgeous, amazingly talented, unusually powerful, and exceedingly attractive to whoever the author has a crush on. They often possess ridiculously fancy and pretentious first names -- Angel, Raven, Jewel, Lorelei Bianca Julia Marizza Snape -- and are very, very annoying.  

Case in point: Bella Swan or Elizabeth Swan (WTF with the swans?!)

Or a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Urban Dictionary:

A Manic Pixie Dream Girl or MPDG, is a term coined by film critic Nathan Rabin after seeing Elizabethtown. It refers to "that bubbly, shallow cinematic creature that exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures." A pretty, outgoing, whacky female romantic lead whose sole purpose is to help broody male characters lighten up and enjoy their lives. 

Case in point: Bella Swan (not AS much, but her awkwardness makes up for the bubbly) or Jess from "New Girl"

Katniss was neither. I could not imagine myself as her nor could I identify with her, which in my opinion is a good thing. When I can put myself into the book like that with romance novels or fanfiction it's often on an aesthetic level and all I take away is hedonistic glee (which is not a bad thing lol). But I really like that she had human flaws that were relatable as well as moments of extreme selflessness and courage that you always want to have, but often wonder if you ever could. 

I also loved the plot - the unforgiving world these kids lived in and the dramatic Games could be compared to a lot of things (unfortunately) in this world. 


When I read the bombing and murdering of District 12  I saw on TV later a story on the Syrian Rebellion and I said to mom "Wow that's how I pictured 12 in the book" and she said "I was about to say that... Also when you see kids killing kids with no remorse (like the Careers) you think of those kidnapped and brainwashed children in places like the Sudan and Ghana that are recruited at 8 to fight and kill alongside the adults. 

President Snow using fear as punishment for former rebellions and unrest is a continuous plot point in history and President Coin having her own rebel agenda and suggesting that the Capitol's punishment be to put their own safe kids into a new Hunger Games shows how deeply hatred and revenge can overtake you during times of unrest. I was so angry with Katniss when she voted to put the Capitol children into the Games because here they were trying to ABOLISH that act of violence and what did they want to do? Become a new version of the same regime. But she watched her father die in an unsafe mine, she watched her family and friends starve and freeze, she watched reaping after reaping, she watched her sister die and Peeta be brainwashed with poison. She was rightfully pissed off and she wanted to hurt them. Granted she makes the right decision in the end, but it's nice to know you can be SO pissed off while at the same time understand a character's motives.

When I read the epilogue I had a lot of emotions (WHAT ARE EMOTIONSSSS???), but then I thought "This is the perfect ending" Yes her and Peeta end up together with two kids (and I assume married, but who cares?), but it took her 15 years to have kids because she was just too terrified of bringing a kid into that world even though the Games were over and a new government was working. And sadly Peeta will never be the same and Katniss will always be angry, both suffering from PTSD - but there is bittersweet hope. You have to wonder if she was banished from the Capitol because of her killing of Coin while her mother and Gale remain there working, but then you think "well it has been 15 years - I'm sure they visit her). But isn't that what Kat wanted? To go back home and be normal? What I really liked was her rationalizing why she picked Peeta over Gale (aside from Peeta being amazing) - Peeta has been her "angel" and her conscience. He reminded her everyday to calm down and pointed out the good in situations. He never once lied about his feelings towards her and always protected her while she protected him. Gale was just like Katniss - angry, passionate, worked to death, and fearless. She needed Peeta to remind her of the good in people, to move on and hold onto hope and love. She tells the audience that she has to remind herself everyday of all the good she has seen and the hope she has felt to keep her from darker places, and ends it AMAZINGLY with "It's a tedious game I play with myself, but there are worse games to be played..." BUM BUM BUUUUUMMMM. 

If her and Peeta had a magical unicorn ending it would have been a disgrace to the series. No simple happy ending can come through that kind of life and their struggles are what makes you think and remember. 


Bottom line: I am extremely happy I read these books. I extremely disagree with sensitive parents who would never show this to their kid because it is so violent. Every child should be exposed to alternate realities if only to make them thankful for their lives. The characters are amazing examples of courage, hate, love, sadness, and frailty. As a result, I have been more open minded to young adult novels that are popular (to a degree) and I am more willing to put down the easy reads for options that are outside my genre comfort zone.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Wow! Your political status changed my views completely!" Said no Facebook user EVER

So...if some Canadian hired me I would give up my citizenship in 4 seconds if only for an end to the asinine political crap. People I know that are Canadian always say to me "Oh my God I love reading up on American political races - it's insane! Our shit is so boring!" Wanna trade?!

 I am SO FUCKING TIRED of hearing 47%, Obamacare, Romney, Tea Party (this excludes any event where I can wear a hat and drink tea out of a little tiny cup), etc... There was a time I cared - I cared SO MUCH that I actually cried during Hillary Clinton's DNC speech back when she was running, I handed out absentee ballots, lectured my friends on voting, and studied Women's Suffrage history. But now I refuse to vote. I just refuse. And I have my reasons and I think they're more intelligent than my throwing away my vote on a man whom I don't care for.

#1 "Obama is the reason my 25 year old can't get a job!" 

-- I am pretty sure I never used Barack as my reference and that he went on to slam me to a museum. I'm also pretty sure when an older friend of mine applied for her college professor jobs during Bush he didn't tell people to refuse her. You know why I don't have a job? I have a choppy resume, I am in a field that never has had much money, and I suck at cover letters. Teachers/Museum people like myself/actors/massage therapists....we've all had troubles. My one friend got a job in accounting pretty damn soon after graduating, another friend worked her way up the Verizon Wireless chain, several friends are now computer depends on what is in demand. A lot of people would major in Social Studies teaching or History with the idea of Historian professions...but they had no luck so they went off to museums. 

I refuse to blame the government for my choices. I could have studied my ass off and become a pharmacist or manager or astronaut! So many people told me to get out of the Humanities and I didn't listen because I didn't want anything else. Eventually I will get there, but in the meantime I am looking at less glamorous jobs that are in demand because financial security is a big deal!

#2 "If it weren't for the government your student loan debt wouldn't be 71,000!!!"

--I was lazy and didn't apply for any scholarships. That was all my fault. My child will not be as stupid.

#3 "Obama destroyed America!" "Bush destroyed America!" "Mitt Romney will destroy America!" "Obama will save America!" "Romney will save America!"

--You are a MORON if you think anything can happen in 4 or 8 years. I'm sorry. But when you platform and go rallying you are pandering. I don't care if you're Democrat, Republican, Moderate, Socialist, Communist, Libertarian - you will promise the world and not deliver. Once you take oath you will learn secrets, lies, and shit that you would NEVER have thought of and that's why you can't do all you promised.

#4 "Your generation is pathetic and stupid. You vote for American Idol but not for politics"

--Gross generalization. I have many 25 year old friends who are belligerent assholes into politics (yes both Democrat and Republican). You wanna know why people my age are more likely to vote for reality tv? Because their vote TRULY counts. Yes you can vote 12 times, but at the end if Jessica got 50,000 votes and Tom got 100,000 Tom is gonna move on. In the USA we know that NY will vote Democrat, Texas will vote Republican and so on...Popular vote doesn't matter. Case in point: Al Gore won the popular vote, but lost the electoral. Pissed off a lot of people...

#5 "Popular vote will never work because then the candidates will only rally in big states"

--It's called a code of conduct. Who says we can't make rules? No mudslinging, and each state needs to be campaigned in. No exceptions. If we can invent Super Delegates we can make it so candidates can't work the system when campaigning.

#5 "I'm glad you're not voting because then that's one less commie Democrat vote!"

--Yes I am a registered Democrat. I don't know why....I think it's because I love SEX AND ABORTIONS AND GAY SEXXXX (Sorry Andrew :-) I looove you). But seriously. I am gonna tell you something - when we had an in school fake election I actually voted for Bush. Yup. Didn't vote for Gore. Did I like Bush as president? Eh...not really. But I did like that he signed a bill saying part time college cancer patients won't lose their insurance and I liked that when he heard about 9/11 he remained calm as to not upset children. Do I agree with his stances on everything? Absolutely not. I don't like Romney and I don't like Obama (Pro Hillary...but that's another story). 

When the founders of this country got together they were against tyranny, supreme rulers, and wanted religious freedom. Well what do we have? Several political parties and yet only 2 will ever get to be president. Democrat is far left and Republican is far right in this arena - wanna talk about dangerous extremes? And what about the others? They don't even get TV time to talk about their platforms, like Ron Paul. A Republican will stack the deck and a Democrat will stack the deck - that isn't fair and it IS a tyranny of sorts.

I also don't like it when people use religion as a platform. Fucking separation of church and state is LOOOONG gone, my friends. If you were to say "Well I don't support this because of my racist upbringing" people would flip the shit out. But to say its because of your Christian faith is kosher (ha ha...Jewish word for a Christian example. I'm so cool). 

#6 This is just my own personal peeve. This whole marriage thing. Guess what. To say marriage is a religious term is BULL SHIT. That would mean that when I walk into a Jewish deli and they offer a military spouse discount they would have to say " aren't married. Only Jewish marriage counts here." Marriage is a contract. Was even made out to be in Old Testament literature. You signed a contract with a woman's father and got her in a trade. And there was a time when black people couldn't marry - hate to break it to you, but that is NO DIFFERENT THAN GAY PEOPLE. Black's were considered less than human and were prevented from legal rights in their marriages all because of heritage and skin color. A black man and a black woman could not legally marry - well that's a man a woman! So how can marriage be defined as 1 man 1 woman?!?! It is religious fundamentalism and hatred.

So no. I probably won't vote. I don't like either candidate and I am not throwing away my vote on a party that sadly won't ever be considered. Sorry Stanton...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hello, my name is Jane Doe and I get my period.

This is how I feel every time I go into the drugstore to get maxi pads, tampons, midol, or tampax wipes - like I am going to some AA meeting for women who have their period and just want to quit because it is tearing the family APART! *shakes fists in a fit of rapture*

The aisle in my Walgreens is shared by the condoms, baby diapers, adult diapers, and embarrassing ointments for the lady garden. The only thing in that aisle that isn't embarrassing are the baby diapers because it's gross, but acceptable when a baby blows shit all over themselves. Also it means you have a cute baby at home. Plus there is NO WAY IN HELL that diaper is for you. You can easily disassociate that hygiene product from yourself.

I see it all the time - the girl goes into the store needing some tampons or pads and brother or husband waits patiently by her praying to the Norse Gods that no one sees him. Or the girl goes alone and has to buy 6 magazines and a pretty bottle of nail polish to disguise the box and remind the world "this is only temporary, guys! I am still adorkable!" And then the cashier (please Goddess let her be a woman!!!) asks very quietly "would you like a paper bag?" or checks it off first so she can hide it in a bag for you quickly.

Now I'm not gonna lie - I used to be that person. I was so MORTIFIED of anyone, ANYONE seeing me in that aisle of shame and stains that I would dawdle in the hardware or snack aisle until that aisle was empty before I ran in, grabbed my box, and bought a magazine to carry on top of it. Which is kind of weird since when I had my first period at 13 I thought "Finally! Bring on the boobs!" - I was SO excited. After a year my periods got heavier and crampier and I lost my admiration for the curse. Just recently I've stopped trying to mask the fact that I have my period - it's like, one day I woke up and said "I am 24 (almost 25, yipee!), I think it is kind of obvious that I would have my period by now." So I started walking with purpose to that back aisle covered in satanic symbols and cobwebs and began talking aloud to myself about the different brands and what would be best for me - *loving* it if someone walked by and heard me talking to my Always and Kotex.

I carry a netted bag with me to drug stores so I don't get a plastic bag and the cashier is always surprised when I beat him or her to it and say "oh no bag - thanks!" I'm just waiting for the chance to get a look of "AAAHHH PERIOD!!" so I can say "Guess what - I have it right now!!!"

It really pisses me off that in 2012 we can have commercials for KY jelly, stool softeners, and erectile dysfunction pills, but we can't have red water in our maxi pad commercials. Wanna talk about fucking confusing for a 7 year old! "Why yes Susie - your blood is red, but not when we have to talk about it" Since when did red get such a bad rap? Oh's because the blood is coming from our fucking vagina's (vaginae?)! So it's ok for you to get your ED pill in and your Trojan to use specifically for our wonder emporium, but God forbid anything but orgasms comes (cums? too far? Nah...) out of there!

Now I'm not regular so it's always an awesome guessing game of when my aunt Flo is gonna come to town, but when it does it's a reminder to me that I am healthy, I am a woman, I am fertile, and that I can bleed for 5 days and not die! It isn't fun - blood smells bad, there are clots, it has mucus, there is uterine lining, and there are terrible cramps from the uterus contracting. That is a fucking badge of honor! If I can deal with that every month then damnit if I want to yell at you for no reason I can!

So to all the men out there who leave the room when we mention our snatch - if it weren't for that you wouldn't be here so be thankful your mom had her period! Get over it. It happens to almost every woman (there are some medical exceptions) and it is natural. Much more so than your Viagra.

To all the women and girls who are embarrassed and ashamed of their menstruation - It is what makes the feminine energy so powerful, it is what makes the plants grow, it is what babies are brought into this world from and it is what signifies of our powerful sexuality throughout the Maiden, Mother, and Crone stages of our life. You are a part of a greater mystery out there that has stumped philosophers and mesmerized those seeking beyond the obvious.

I'm not even on period so you can't blame my rant/revelation mix on that! Ha!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Divinity Within

To start off - Unitarian Universalists are awesome. The second I pulled into the parking lot a woman in her car waved and smiled at me - I didn't know her, she didn't know me - she just smiled because I was heading in. That's nice. You never get that at Catholic churches from my experience. I walked in and the woman to whom I had emailed about the meeting tonight immediately assumed I was "Christine" and ran up to introduce herself and gave me a tour of the church and all of the old furniture and windows from the former one.

So I went to this CUUPS meeting (a Unitarian Universalist Pagan group) because for around 6 years now I've been flying solo as a pagan, eschewing organized religion for a me centric path. Well this worked well and good for a while, but then I realized I need guidance in my life and want to learn more about my faith. Being born and raised Catholic makes one dependent on a leader and between currently fearing damnation and feeling lost I attempted to tackle the easier problem. I went to a group at SU and I immediately felt uncomfortable walking in and the first thing the girl who was about 6 years younger says to me "you don't seem like a Leo." Ok I am an extreme Leo and that fact that you think that means constant pride and talkative makes me doubt you. Also she was talking to rocks....I get that some pagans are very much into amulets and talismans but this was just too much for me....she also kept trying to "read" my aura....get your hands out of my bubble. kthxbye.

There were I think 10 people there and most were older. Three of us were newbies so we all went around and told them about ourselves and what we wanted to get out of a group like this. It's SUCH an amazing group. Not only do they get guest speakers (next meeting is a Reiki practitioner) and have "craft" days (no not THAT kind of craft...always....actual crafts like amulet bags and dream catchers. But they celebrate the festivals and moon phases outside in their beautiful meditation and remembrance garden and even have a wonderful May Pole. I can't wait for Beltane! Also everyone has a different interest - there are Celtic Pagans like me, Norse Pagans, Native American animism, Wiccans, and a bunch of others so I get to learn about myself as well as others. I remember in my World Religions class in 12th grade at a private school we discussed Catholicism, Protestants, Buddists, Hindi's (right? maybe?), Muslims, ummmm and that was IT. So before I start a rant when this is suppose to be a revelation let me just sum up: I wrote a paper on Wicca because I was starting to seriously explore that part of myself and I was taken aside by the priest who was extremely worried. So I never got to learn about a lot and became very messed up faith wise. 

The topic for Tuesday was Divination and it was nice because no one was an expert so we all learned together. We discussed the types of Divination (basically finding meaning or an answer from something by calling upon a higher being or the Divine). Ouiji boards (ugh.), pendulums, scrying mirrors/bowls/globes/etc, tarot cards, etc. Then we were discussing protections and precautions and whatnot and for example who was the original source of tarot card explanation books and their qualifications. Then someone said "Aren't we all considered Divine Beings? Do we not look at tea leaves, horoscopes, dreams, and clouds and see things that we find coincidental or meaningful?" Then this lead to a whole discussion on dreams and horoscopes such as "You will get into an accident....but you didn't...but would you have if you hadn't read this?" To which I replied "Well the Oracle did tell Neo that she only told him what he needed to know" (The soldier laughed at least lol). We then shared ways that each of us have experimented with Divination (Sometimes when I'm feeling low or lost I'll turn off all my lights, light my primal and natural smelling candle, and just stare at the flame until I can figure my shit out...ask for some help along the way). Then I got to thinking...I remember for a long time I was having these very realistic reoccurring dreams that when I woke up caused me a lot of pain because I thought I wasn't dreaming. I was also having the SAME terrible dream over and over that also seemed real that basically meant I was biting my tongue in real life too much. So one day when I woke up I basically said to myself "I don't want to dream anymore about things that I cannot change or that will cause me pain" and as I thought that in the group....I realized I hadn't dreamed of any of that stuff since. I'm not exactly sure if that was my own personal Divination but it is very mind boggling. 

I did get some good advice for my tarot deck, though. I had come across a Celtic deck in Borders a year or so ago and it was in the wrong place and I had overlooked it several times and took it as a sign. But then when I got it home I had no desire to learn it or play with it. When I said that aloud a woman next to me (a newbie) told me that she would bet that my deck was handled by negative energy or tainted in some way and she recommended burying it in a bowl of sea salt while asking for it to be cleansed (divination) for an entire cycle (New Moon to New Moon). Sounds kind of hokey, but hey I'm all for it. 

My only issue was that so many of them just seemed so intune with themselves and their practices (actual healers, readers, aura detectors....and I am like "lalala I know nothing and can't see sparkley blue waves around people" so maybe I'm not even really like them? Ugh. Religion's the cheerleader table and me and my headgear aren't welcome. So is this now a rant?


So when I first started this journey I decided I needed a craft name because I was an awesomely cool 15 year old who liked vampires. So I did my numerology (I am a 2) and it said that my name should also equal 2...well I picked Aideen and then later discovered Aideen was an alternate spelling of Etaine a significant Celtic goddess who happens to be my favorite. So before I ever DISCOVERED Celtic paganism I was guided to that name....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Vegetarian Rant

I was at Panera Bread today and asked the cashier what kind of stock was used in the french onion soup (often beef stock, but I have been to restaurants and seen french onion made without actual beef stock so I always like to ask just in case I find one I can eat). The cashier very politely told me that it was beef stock and I said "oh ok then I'll just get the smoothie I ordered." 

While I was waiting for my smoothie a woman behind me informed me that in NNY being "anti-meat" must be hard. I told her it was if I went out to eat and sometimes I have had to just deal with it and get something with a meat stock or cooked in the same oil as meat food. She took this to mean I thought I was better than everyone and for 15 minutes (yes she actually kept talking after I got my food and in the parking lot!) told me about "those insane treehuggers that protest everything" even though I told her I wasn't AT ALL in support of PETA and had dad who hunted. In short, I feel she and others like her need to understand that the extreme is not the majority and we're not all insane and act like 5 year olds who just don't wanna eat what was seved.

Normally I don't care enough to hardcore complain about annoying humans I meet on a public forum (yes I know I complain about people I meet just about every day, but I am a proud Leo and this is how we roll), but this is something that I seem to always be running into and it blows my MIND how some people (not everyone!) just cannot process simple things.

I am in no way a total healthy eater and a poster child for vegetarians - I hate cooking and can't seem to learn it. Also, it is a very expensive diet so currently mine is pretty pathetic as far as nutritional value goes.

Three tips for people who meet a vegetarian:

1. We are not picky eaters and do not appreciate our dietary habit being trivialized.

2. You are not original when you say "I could be a vegetarian if I could eat a *insert a meat dish* once a week," know that you sound like a tool.

3. The majority of us will not cry if we see you eating meat, nor are we all members of PETA. Addendum to #3: If you invite us to a place where food will be served please take us to consideration and don't act like you've just jumped on a grenade for us - we don't care that much and won't cry at home if we have to refuse your invite.

A Continuation...

4. Yes we have to be conscious of our protein and iron intake, but just because you eat meat doesn't mean you get your recommended daily dose of protein and iron. In actuality, most people do not receive the right amount of protein every day and that goes for omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and raw food vegans.

5. My best friend is a total carnivore and I love him dearly, from the top of his pointy ears to his ninga paws. We will not stop loving you if you like meat.

6. Not all, but many (including me) understand the food chain and realize that humans are omnivores and animal populations and whatnot are very important. We do not necessarily begrudge your hunting or purchasing meat, but we may suggest that when you do hunt you do so responsibly and when you purchase meat that you look into both organic and free range meat. Many vegetarians are who they are in response to those individuals who operate cruel and unsanitary slaughterhouses and farms and believe in the humane harvesting of animals.

7. Just because I do not eat meat does not mean you have to tell me all about the veggies you eat and order vegetarian food when we are out. Note: I will definitely appreciate it to a point, but I can tell very easily if you are doing it just to impress me or because you are trying to make me unnecessarily comfortable. Also do not dare me to eat meat - you are a tool and everyone knows it. Even your mom.

8. Yes, vegetarians sometimes crave meat. This does not mean that they eat it in secret, nor does it mean that they should just stop and be "normal" (we do not appreciate you thinking we aren't normal - it's not like we eat babies). We may crave it and yes at the beginning we may even cave and eat a chicken nugget. Those people who have crises in their faith are not seen as weird or comical, in fact people often see them in a more human and strong light. Everyone faulters and everyone has tests so don't assume ours are silly.

9. We don't love every vegetable or alternative meat. I do not like mushrooms and try to avoid soy when I can. SHOCKING.

10. Despite the tone of this, I am not judgemental of people and their choices. Many if not all of my friends are meat eaters and I do not love them or respect them any less because of it. I do, however, lose respect for those who make fun of me, trivialize me, and don't care about animals period. You can eat meat and still respect the dignity of animals.